Novae, a start-up venture company specialized in the fabrication of ultra-fast pulsed lasers for scientific, industrial and medical applications announces the closing of a financing round for 1,000 000 Euros through investment Funds including IRDInov, DYNALIM and Finance Utile. This financing round has also been subscribed by historical Novae’s shareholders and Limousin Business Angels.

Novae (Saint Martin le Vieux, France) founded in 2013, develops and manufactures a new generation of very reliable lasers well suited for organic materials micromachining and biological tissues surgery. Today, organic materials – key substrate for future electronic components-, are difficult to process using conventional methods. Therefore, Novae’s systems will address industrial manufacturers expressed needs for high precision processing of this kind of materials.

Based on an exclusive worldwide license for proprietary patented technology from CNRS, Limoges and Rouen University, Novae has developed femto-laser systems that already been acquired by first clients in Europe, Nord America and Brazil. Novae’s operating team is based in Saint Martin le Vieux near Limoges (France) and includes former professionals from Alphanov, Amplitude Systèmes, FCI Connectors, CORIA and XLIM research labs.

For Nicolas DUCROS, Novae’s President, “This new financial round is a turning point for the development of Novae towards the market for micromachining of organic polymers and new generation materials used for electronic applications. Industrial companies in Germany and Japan have already expressed a strong interest for the potential of Novae’s technology. Today invested funds will allow the release of this potential through new application developments with technological and industrial partners, and, the setup of a pilot industrial production line.”


About NOVAE:

The Novae company has been founded in January 2013 to develop and market ultra-short pulsed lasers. Novae’s products are based on a new laser architecture invented by two Novae’s Founders. This innovation opens the way for industrial production of femto-lasers emitting in the infrared (IR) that have superior performance characteristic compared with other existing devices. In 2013, Novae has been selected as national prizewinner of French BPI Bank start-up development competition for its femto-lasers emitting at 2 µm development program.



DYNALIM is a co-investment Regional Fund whose mission is to perform equity investments along private financial partners for small and medium companies that have projects with development potential in the Limousin region. Thanks to close collaboration between public actors and private investors, DYNALIM, managed by the SIPAREX group, has become a reference financing tool for Limousin small and medium companies that plan to start, develop or acquire job creating business activities.

For more information visit: Contact: Jacques CHRISTEN, DYNALIM President / Virginie MAUBECQ, SIPAREX Director.


About Finance Utile:

Founded in 2010, Finance Utile is a pioneering crowdfunding platform with an entrepreneurial approach for equity investment in France. The platform invests along company Managers and acts as a business accelerator. Today, Finance Utile participate in about 30 companies that have been financed with funds collected through the platform from individual investors.

For more information visit: Contact: Anne SAINT LEGER, Finance Utile President,


About IRDInov:

IRDInov is a seed-capital Fund managed by IRDI Gestion based in Toulouse (France). Since its launch in 2012, with financial backing from FNA (French National Seed Fund) managed by BPI France, IRDI, the Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine regions, and regional banks and industrial actors, IRDInov focuses its investments on seed-capital for technological projects generated from private and public research institutions. IRDInov has the capability to invest up to 3 million Euros by project in the south-west part of France.

For more information, visit: Contact: Jean-Michel Petit, Directeur Général d’IRDInov – / Patrick Cazeneuve, Venture Partner –

NOVAE’s legal advisory: Guarrel Avocat – Myriam Guarrel

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