Mid-infrared supercontinuum laser
Coverage Extended option
Operating wavelength 1.9 µm - 4.2 µm 1.9 µm - 8 µm
Output power 0.9 W > 10 mW
Repetition rate 2.4 MHz ± 5% 100 kHz - 500 kHz
Total power stability ± 0.5% ± 0.5%
Beam Output) Gaussian Gaussian
Output option Collimated Collimated


Coverage is a turn-key supercontinuum source emitting a continuous spectrum from 1.9 µm up to 4.2 µm. The very high brightness associated to the high average power allows a wide range of applications such as spectroscopy, micro-spectroscopy or optonic counter mesures.

Based on a patented seed source, the all-fiber integrated laser delivers about 1mW/nm over the operation wavelength range.

In 2016, the laser has been used for a world first demonstration of a table-top micro-spectroscopy imaging of lipidic vesicles in liver sample. Novae’s application team demonstrated that the laser complements the synchrotron with same resolution and same signal to noise ratio opening a new path to micro-spectroscopy imaging.