Application Semicon

NOVAE was founded in 2013 in Limoges, France by the inventors (CORIA, Xlim and CNRS) of a disruptive laser architecture design and photonics industry entrepreneurs.

NOVAE moved in the first half of 2014 from Xlim Institute in Limoges University to its new facilities (industrial and offices) in Saint Martin le Vieux (20 minutes from Limoges downtown and international airport).

Since its foundation, NOVAE has focused in industrialization and commercial development of a new generation advanced ultrafast pulsed lasers emitting in the region of 2 µm (2 micron) for scientific applications in the mid infrared such as supercontinuum generation and spectroscopy, material processing and the near future for plastic polymers and advanced material processing and medical applications.

Company staff include international profile highly educated individuals (majority PhDs in photonics, fluent in at least two languages) with large scope of experiences in the photonics industry at Alphanov, Amplitude Systèmes and the electronics industry.