The 2 µm femtosecond laser series
Product code
Operating wavelength
Pulse energy
Output power
Repetition rate
Pulse duration
Power stability
Spatial beam quality
State of polarization
Lambda + High power
2150 +/- 50 nm 1960 nm +/- 20 nm
Up to 20 nJ > 1µJ
> 200 mW Up to 1 W
20 MHz +/- 2 MHz 100 kHz - 1 MHz
< 100 fs > 2 ps
> 99.4 % > 99 %
Gaussian beam Gaussian beam
Polarisation extension ratio > 99 dB Polarisation extension ratio > 99 dB


Brevity High Power (BHP) is a turn-key picosecond fiber laser emitting at 1.96 μm. The very high peak power associated to the long wavelength allow the use of this laser in a wide range of industrial applications.
Taking advantage of semiconductor (silicon) transparency around 2 μm, BHP is particularly suited for any application in the filed of microelectronics and display needing to process through the silicon (lift-off, wafer debonding) or in the bulk of a wafer (stealth dicing, waveguide scribing).
BHP is then your best candidate when conventional wavelength does not meet your demand!