At Photonics West 2016, NOVAE will present a new all-fiber integrated laser: based on the Novae’s patented technology Coverage emitting ultrashort pulses (few tens of picosecond) with large spectral bandwidth (supercontinuum from 1.9µm up to 4µm) and very high spectral density (1mW/nm).

NOVAE a photonics company based in Limoges France is specialized in 2 µm (2 micron) ultrafast pulsed lasers. NOVAE’s 2µm (2 micrometer) lasers are thulium mode locked fiber lasers. Main applications for NOVAE 2 µm (2 micron) fiber lasers are spectroscopy in the mid infrared (MIR) seed source for supercontinuum generation and mid infrared (MIR) spectrum generation (CPA, OPO systems, mid-infrared (MIR) nonlinear optics and pump-probe measurements). Industrial applications for NOVAE’s thulium pulsed lasers include plastic polymer precision micromachining and advanced material processing (http://www.