Fiber optics

Available products are:

Specialty fibers:

  • Ytterbium doped fibers (Photodarkening free)
  • Thulium doped fibers
  • Erbium doped fibers
  • Phosphorous doped fibers
  • Microstructured fibers
  • High nonlinear fibers (germanium doped)
  • Metal coated silica fibers

Fiber Bragg gratings and long-period fiber gratings

FBG sensor systems

  • FBG interrogation monitors
  • Fiber sensors

Fiber lasers and amplifiers

  • Continuous fiber lasers
  • Large mode area double-clad Er-doped fiber amplifiers

Broad-band light sources

  • Bismuth superfluorescence light sources
  • Erbium broad-band light sources